Best Smartwatch of 2019 : Options For Apple And Android Fan

A Smartwatch is the wearable device which is available in the form of wrist watch and it provides with multiple features apart from timekeeping. The advanced models of Smartwatch usually have the features of Smartphone that shows incoming calls, messages and also allows using some applications. It works as the extension of your Smartphone where you can see some of the contents without having to reach the phone. The Best Android smartwatch today even some with sensors for fitness and health tracking, GPS sensors, step counting features and heart rate monitoring features. It allows the users to even play music and perform some phone free activities and also pay at store without having to take out your phone.

Smartwatches Vs Smartphone

Smartphone can do all the things that your Smartwatch can perform, but there are some situations where your Smartwatches can excel. When you are driving your bike or car, it is not possible to take the phone from pocket to check the notifications or even pick up calls. So, it is always better to check the notifications on your Smartwatch while driving. You can even answer any important call from your Smartwatch using the Bluetooth headphone. Most of the Smartwatch models are designed GPS system which makes it convenient for the users to track any route, length and speed of your run without having to bring the phone with you.

Smartwatches even have some additional features which your Smartphone lacks and this includes the heart rate monitoring features. It helps the users to measure the heart rate while exercising and you are not required to wear the cheat strap for monitoring the heart rate. Counting the heart rate from wrists is always accurate and your Smartwatch can do wonders in monitoring and measuring the heart rate while exercising. Some of the additional feature includes sleep time and quality which allow you to check if you had enough sleep.

Smart Features of Smartwatches

  • Incoming Calls – Today the advanced Smartwatches come with the feature to show the incoming calls when it is connected to the smartphone.
  • Notifications – The Smartwatch also provide you with notifications like emails, twitter, calendar reminders and more. These notifications are glanced upon and sometime you can even read the notification on the screen of your Smartwatch. You get notifications from applications by default on your Smartwatch but you can block such notifications if not required.
  • Find my Phone – This is the great feature that allows you to find your phone which you have misplaced with just a push of a button. It will give alarm on your phone even if it is on silent mode and hence you can easily find the device.
  • Contactless Payment – The advanced Smartwatches today support a variety of mobile payment systems and hence you can use them to make contactless payments at outlet without using the phone and cards. But ensure that the store accepts payment from the mobile payment system installed on your Smartwatch.


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Smart watches












Gear S3









Smart watches are items that are trending in today's world of Technology. It is now easy for anyone to have his Smartphone control through his smart watch. If you are thinking of having a smart watch bought, there are 5 unique smart watches that you can add to your wish list. They are here under previewed. Gear S3 Frontier Black sporty Samsung gears3 Smart watch is a perfect combination of conventional and trendy watch. In this Smart watch, you have fitness, health and life style apps for the comfort of the owner. These applications ensures that the owner keep a daily tab on his routine. There is an inbuilt GPS system with speaker that gives you direct connection with other applications, thereby making technical interactions easy going.

The strength of this watch is the battery life. It has the capability of you going for numbers of days of usage without charging the Smart Watch. There are 15 preloaded designs which you can use to customize its look and appearance. Beautiful to behold is the bezel, which enables you to power and switch off and on your calls. It is also a device that enables to turn off the alarm and better still browse the internet. Gear S3 Classic This wonderful piece of architectural design comes with classy features and elegance. If you are to talk of advanced technology, the 3.29 cm display is an eloquent testimony to its expression of taste and class. It is designed in such a way that, you can easily take all your calls and also set alarms to schedule your work and other personal matters. With this Smart Watch, you can have all your business and personal engagements scheduled thus giving you the free time to either take a walk on a trip to field of play and or relaxation. In terms of entertainment, this Smart Watch cannot be brushed aside due to the ability to provide varieties of music which connect with the playlist through the Bluetooth. Guess what, this Smart Watch is yours for the asking at the price of Rs 28500.

Gear Fit2 The Gear Fit2 is a superb fitness smart wrist watch, with wonderful numerous accessories. These accessories are the strength of the smart wrist watch. You can keep your phones at home and enjoy the fun of your scheduled workout sessions. You are guaranteed that all that you need to get in terms of speed, or the distance covered in real times during a jogging exercise is enabled through the built in GPS. The design is simply sleek, very comfortable to utilize and built to last and guarantees comfort. For a price of Rs 11900 you will have the Smart Wrist watch. Gear S2 Classic Samsung is a brand that will not compromise quality and taste of any of its product. This is true of the Smart Watch Gear S2 Classic. Whatever you may be looking for in the Smart Watch, this model will guarantee you. The design is composed of steel and leather in a circular pattern. This design gives it a very classy look and thus making it to be in a world of its own. It is available for purchase at a price of Rs20,900.


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File Format:
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Mail Merge Tool
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Smart watches

This Smart Watch helps

Gear S3

In ensuring the complete

Gear S2

Record of your health, fitness


And energy Built with


  • 2012 - 2016

    Gear S2

    A customized technology and in refined steel you are able to maintain experiences. It is offered to the market at the rate of Rs 19500. This is an affordable and friendly rate if you ask for my opinion.

    2011 - 2012

    Smart Watches

    Having critically reviewed all of the above Smart Watches, you will agree with me that, we are in the world of trending smart watches, which is an improvement in technology. It is a welcome development.

    2009 - 2011


    Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used applications the world over. It usage enables user to do diverse kinds of things. It allows the users to write, edit, mail merge, insert, design and redesign various items and or images.




    Since its introduction to the world of information technology, Microsoft word has help in reducing the burden of users in duplicating documents. The first invention was Microsoft Word 2003, and over time there has been new and improved version, such as the Microsoft 2007.



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    Microsoft 2007

    Microsoft 2007 is designed in a way that every Ribbon Menu contains sub menus. The Ribbon Menu interface compared with Microsoft word 2003 cannot be redesigned to suit personal purpose.

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Microsoft Word 2007: The shortcoming in terms of Mail Merge Wizard which was the lot of MS Word 2003 has been taken care of by this version. It allows users to create and send customized messages to all recipients at the same time without the use of CC and BCC in the mailing account. In all Microsoft Word is wonderful software that everybody needs.


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